Monday, September 28, 2009

New SQLite database

We finally have an updated SQLite database for ConceptNet. It's designed for use with ConceptNet 4.0b8 (just released). This will fix the long-standing "best_raw_id" bug.

This database now includes data that was imported from the online game Verbosity. It also includes the initial import of the Chinese ConceptNet. This comes to us thanks to our collaborators in Taiwan, Jane Hsu, Yen-Ling Kuo, Edward Shen, and the many people playing the online games they developed.

We've also cleaned up our documentation, and written tutorials for some key things you may want to be able to do with ConceptNet and Divisi, at .


Ken Arnold said...

If you downloaded in the last day, you'll want to update both the database and API, since we squashed a bug. (It could be said that we attacked a mosquito with a bazooka, but either way the bug's dead.)

If you easy_install-ed, you need to `easy_install -U conceptnet`.

If you used the automatic database downloader, you'll need to get the new version. Remove your existing `~/.conceptnet` directory, and the next time you try to use ConceptNet it'll re-download.

redmond957 said...

Hey, alot of my and my brother's entries are missing, and there seem to be alot that we didn't add with OUR NAMES on them(most of them are in freak'n chinese!!!!!!!) WTF. not cool. not cool.
I don't like what you'll have done to conceptnet: to me it seems to be even more buggy than it was back in 2007, and its like all of that time my bro and I spent adding knowledge was wasted. :(