Thursday, August 20, 2009

Verbosity, and one meeeelion sentences

How did we just get nearly 200,000 new statements in Open Mind Common Sense?

We've just imported a whole lot of data from Verbosity, one of Luis von Ahn's Games with a Purpose. Verbosity collects common sense knowledge through a game: one person is given a word, and needs to get the other person to guess that word by listing common-sense facts about it.

The data is rather noisy in places, but after some filtering, we've got a list of new statements about as reliable as the other score-1 statements in OMCS. These include a number of useful "is not" statements, describing things that are different, which we've never prompted for on OMCS before, as well as many examples of a new relation, "SimilarSize", expressing the statement "X is about the same size as Y".

A side effect of this is that it's pushed our total sentence count for English over one million! Of those, we can parse about 542,600 so far (we've still got a lot left to try to parse from the original Open Mind), and those translate to about 504,700 unique assertions in ConceptNet.

Thank you to all our contributors (especially those who are patient enough to try to deal with our current web site), and to all the players of Verbosity!


Karl said...
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Karl said...

s there an API for contributing knowledge to OpenMind? I'm interested in writing a mobile app to interface with OpenMind. If there is not a contributor API, it might make sense to develop an API Key system that app developers could use, and which would keep track of the origin of knowledge contributions. I'd love to participate in such a project!