Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Blog Site!

If you've wondered why we haven't seemed active lately, it's because we moved the blog over to and forgot to tell everybody! :) So if you're still reading this blog, come check out the new one instead!

(We may one day figure out how to syndicate posts back here, but for now, this blog is archived.)


tfjwr said...

hi, i've recently signed up an account on Open Mind Common Sense, but not getting the verification email. i've tried several times with several addresses, but still not working.

Anonymous said...

how to update the conceptnet_assertion table..?? how to insert the data to it manually?

Anonymous said...

kindly please reply to this as i am doing my course project i want to update the database. in tat i want to update tables like 'assertion', 'frame', 'batch', 'rawassertion' etc..
Pls do reply..