Friday, February 8, 2008

Server under siege

Us and web robots are not getting along well. Our server has gotten overloaded several times recently to the point where we have had to bring it down until things settled. Apologies for the downtime; we'll get this stabilized soon.

But there is a new feature on the site... you're welcome to try it if you can find it, but it's still a little slow.


rsm said...


Is there a download available of the statements in Open Mind?

I would like to train my bot on the knowledge contained in Open Mind, but would rather not scrape it from the website...

Ken Arnold said...

Yes, of course. We make periodic releases of the database libraries at the ConceptNet page. We're thinking about making a new release in a week or so.


rsm said...

For my purposes, a simple text file with one statement per line would suffice, any hope of getting that? Otherwise I will probably scrape the assertions from the "Highest rated" listings.

Ken Arnold said...

You can now get a dump of all the sentences from here.

The format is comma-separated values (CSV), with fields for the assertion ID, its score, and the UTF-8 encoded sentence.

Once you see the format on the small subset that link points to, you can lower the score threshold. Please only fetch what you need once, since it hits the server and the database pretty hard.

Be aware that score=1 has a lot of useful stuff but a lot of junk also. If you want better data, encourage your friends to come to the site and rate things; the sentences ones on the sidebar are good candidates to rate.